Jess tunes into your physical ,emotional, spiritual and mental body, she does this by connecting into your energy field (either face to face or via distance)  and starts to receive channelled information via words, pictures, sounds and impressions.  This information comes from her guides, angles, and spirits that have crossed over . This channelled information tells her a story about not only where your blocks are but the reason behind the blocks. 

Once the blocks have been uncovered then the healing process can start to take place.

Healing is the process of gently peeling away  years and lifetimes of trauma trapped in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. With guidance from spirit, during each session we work through the layers until we find the root cause of your dis-ease.

All Readings are done via zoom

Payment to be made the day before upon confirmation through Pay pal or DD

Exchange distance readings $80 for 30min


                                                   $110 for 60min